How Patriots Should Respond If Trump Is Indicted

It’s been a tumultuous time for the 45th president of the United States.
With the FBI raid of his home in Florida and the deposition by New York Attorney General Letitia James for a civil investigation pertaining to financial statements, “tumultuous” is actually an understatement—”hellish” sounds more appropriate.
Political opponents and ideological enemies are practically dancing in the streets. The anti-Trump media machine that has been mobilized ever since he announced his candidacy in 2015 is taking victory laps.
And why shouldn’t they? The latter boasted about working to undermine his administration from the inside, purposefully setting the sights of every medium of information distribution against his reelection, and now wholeheartedly utilizing the ongoing J6 trials to try to ensure that “the orange man” is barred from running in 2024….

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Elon Musk unveils Tesla robot, says it will perform ‘boring’ chores by year’s end

Elon Musk unveils Tesla robot, says it will perform ‘boring’ chores by year’s end

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Standing at around 5 feet 8 inches, Musk’s Tesla Bot aims to gradually remove “boring” responsibilities from the hands of mere mortals who are gutsy enough to welcome a robot into the family.



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US Big Company Oil Reserves Up 13 Percent Since 2017, Deals Drive Recent Growth: Study

NEW YORK—U.S. oil reserves held by 50 large companies rose by 13 percent over the five years ended in December, according to an Ernst & Young report released on Wednesday, with mergers and acquisitions contributing most of the recent gain.
Oil reserve estimates, which signal the direction of crude output, climbed to 31.8 billion barrels at the end of last year after plummeting in 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic forced energy companies to curtail activity.
U.S. reserves were still lower than 2019 levels of 32.5 billion barrels, according to the analysis, which used estimates from 50 publicly traded companies holding the largest U.S. oil and gas reserves….

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‘Love Is Blind’ couple Iyanna and Jarrette getting divorced

Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones, who said “I do” during Season 2 of “Love Is Blind,” are going their separate ways.

The Netflix stars announced they are divorcing after nearly a year of marriage in a joint statement shared to Instagram Wednesday.

“After much thought, we’re saddened to share that we have separated and will begin the process of divorcing,” they wrote.

McNeely and Jones told fans they still have love for each other, noting that their lives are simply “going in different directions.”

“Coming to this decision was far from easy and we will always wish each other the absolute best,” the statement continued.

The duo also asked for privacy as they navigate their breakup and thanked those who have been a support system throughout their reality TV marriage.

“We hope you all will give us some space as we close this chapter of our lives. Thank you to our close friends and family for loving us both through our experiences. To the ‘Love Is Blind’ family and Netflix, thank you for this unforgettable opportunity and support.”

Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette on their wedding day in "Love Is Blind."
They said “I do” on Season 2 of the hit Netflix series.

McNeely, 28, and Jones, 32, shared that they were grateful for being part of the pod experiment and getting engaged sight unseen.

“Each of you have brought overwhelming love and joy into our lives. This experience has taught us so much about ourselves, vulnerability and love,” they said, adding, “We don’t regret a single thing!”

Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones' statement about their divorce.
They both shared that they had zero regrets.

As fans witnessed during Season 2, the lead-up to their marriage was rocky. Jones wrestled having feelings for both McNeely and their co-star Mallory Zapata, with whom he also formed a blind connection with in the pods.

“It definitely feels good that we were able to navigate this journey together,” Jones exclusively told Page Six after the show wrapped. “I think the biggest challenge that we’ve worked on is just integrating our lives together as one.”

He continued, “We were two individuals who are completely, for the most part, opposite … with her being an introvert, and me being an extrovert. I think that’s something we’re constantly going to continue to work on.”

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Pence Says Republicans Shouldn’t Criticize FBI for Mar-a-Lago Raid

Former Vice President Mike Pence broke with former President Donald Trump and other Republicans and said Wednesday they should stop criticizing the FBI following the bureau’s raid targeting the former president’s home.
“I also want to remind my fellow Republicans, we can hold the attorney general accountable for the decision he made without attacking the rank-and-file law enforcement personnel at the FBI,” said Pence during an event at St. Anselm College.
“The Republican Party is the party of law and order,” Pence stated, according to The Associated Press. “Our party stands with the men and women who stand on the thin blue line at the federal and state and local level, and these attacks on the FBI must stop. Calls to defund the FBI are just as wrong as calls to defund the police.”…

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One-on-One with Speech First’s executive director, Cherise Trump

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 9:45 AM PT – Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Amid a growing movement to return free speech to college campuses, some watchdog groups are finding many colleges begin to indoctrinate their students early.

Students’ rights group, Speech First released a report saying 50 public universities are emphasize diversity, equity and inclusion over free speech and view point diversity during freshman orientation.

Speech First’s executive director, Cherise Trump joins OAN to discuss her organization’s findings.

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The Destructionist Phase of American History

For reasons I do not understand, I happen to be on the Democratic Party email list for donors. Several times per day, I receive notes demanding money. If I give $7, I could get a phone call from Joe Biden! Also, if I cough up for this or that candidate, the party will be well-positioned to spend many trillions more of tax dollars and then fund a police-state operation to seize more money from the American middle class. This way we can save the planet, or something.
It’s tedious or terrifying, depending on one’s mood at the moment. What’s most striking is the complete lack of self-awareness. They are throwing out all settled principles of fiscal responsibility, all embedded values over privacy and property, all concern for constitutional limitations on the state, all science and rationality, all in the pursuit of some wild ideological vision that they share but overwhelming numbers of the rest of the thinking public reject….

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