Bud Light Sales Decline Shows Few Signs of Stopping Soon

As boycotts spread through different industries, Bud Light has continued to see declining sales after engaging with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney two months ago.
According to data by Bump Williams Consulting and Nielsen IQ, sales of Bud Light dropped 25.7 percent for the week ending May 20, reported the New York Post. Its nearest rival, Modelo Especial, saw its sales increase by 9.2 percent for the same week, Williams said.
Overall, Bud Light’s sales are down 24.3 percent for the four-week period that ended on May 20, the data show. Modelo, meanwhile, has grown by 8 percent in the same timeframe. Perhaps the biggest winner is Pennsylvania-based Yuengling, which bills itself as “America’s Oldest Brewery,” as the brand’s Yuengling Flight has increased by 47.6 percent in the four-week period….

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Project Veritas Sues Founder James O’Keefe

Project Veritas on May 31 sued its founder James O’Keefe following his ouster from the journalism group.
O’Keefe breached his contract by starting a rival group while still employed by Project Veritas, the organization said in the 37-page lawsuit, filed in U.S. court in New York.
O’Keefe formed the O’Keefe Media Group (OMG) on Feb. 17 despite not having been terminated yet, the suit says. O’Keefe also falsely said on multiple occasions that he was fired despite still being employed, albeit suspended, by Project Veritas, according to the filing.
O’Keefe is also accused of violating his contract by contacting Project Veritas donors and soliciting Project Veritas workers to come work for him at his new organization….

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