PolitiFact Is to Fact What Pravda Was to Truth

During a recent broadcast, I said that once Elon Musk takes control of Twitter, “Twitter will be flooded with hate, and a lot of it will come from people on the Left who want to show how hate-filled it is. It’s like their race-hoax industry. If you see a noose on a college dorm of a black student, the odds are overwhelming that the noose was put there by a black student. If you see the N-word on a dormitory building, the odds are overwhelming that a black student actually did that. We’re filled with race hoaxes.”

One of the better-known self-proclaimed fact-checkers, PolitiFact, declared my claim “false.”

They offered no refutation of what I said and provided no examples of nooses or the N-word on campuses perpetrated by white supremacists. Instead, they made a self-defeating argument: “Experts who track hate crimes told PolitiFact that there isn’t even a nationwide data source that Prager could have used to pin down the number of incidents — real or fake — that specifically involved hanging a noose or scrawling the racist insult on college buildings or grounds.”

So, if there is no such database, how could PolitiFact declare what I said “false”? At most, they could say “maybe true, maybe false.”

Then they quote a man who devotes his professional life to lying about how racist America is: Brian Levin, director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino. “Mr. Prager is long on hyperbole and bigotry and short on facts,” said Levin. “What Prager claimed ‘is a lie.'”

The very fact that PolitiFact cites Levin proves how unserious PolitiFact is about pursuing truth.

PolitiFact cites FBI statistics — about “all hate crimes,” not about campus nooses or N-word graffiti on dormitories, which is specifically what I spoke about. That was another dishonest ploy on PolitiFact’s part. Moreover, if you look up all the examples of “hate crimes” on the FBI list, the list is completely irrelevant to what I said — it lists hate crimes regarding “gender,” “gender identity,” “disability,” “commerce violations,” “drug offenses,” “gambling offenses,” and many more examples of hate crimes having nothing to do with racism, let alone racism on campuses. It was fraudulent of PolitiFact to cite the FBI stats.

So, then, here are just a few examples of race hoaxes concerning graffiti and nooses on campuses over the last 15 years. If PolitiFact can show that these examples are not in fact hoaxes or, alternatively, provide an equal number of verified examples, PolitiFact’s assessment of my claim may be valid. If PolitiFact cannot do so, it lied.

In 2007, Madonna G. Constantine, a psychology and education professor at Teachers College, Columbia University, claimed she found a noose at her door. ABC News described her as “a respected professor at Columbia University Teachers College… This incident is the latest in a growing number of noose incidents in the United States, since the one that punctuated the racially charged controversy in Jena, LA.”

The subsequent investigation revealed that Constantine made it all up. And it also turned out that the racial controversy about a “noose incident” in Jena, Louisiana, had nothing to do with a noose.

In 2013, Oberlin College shut down classes after a series of purported hate crimes. According to The Oberlin Review… anti-black and anti-gay vandalism/”hate speech” have plagued the campus. “Whites Only” was written above a water fountain, “N—– Oven” was written inside the elevator, and “No N—–s” was written on a dormitory bathroom door. Activists implied the incidents were tied to Black History Month, as was a menacing person on campus who allegedly donned a “KKK hood and robe” near a black dormitory known as “Afrikan Heritage House.”

It was all a hoax. No one wore a KKK hood and robe. It was a woman wearing a coat. Cornell University law professor William Jacobson, who tracked the Oberlin story on his blog, Legal Insurrection, said the fraudulent incidents “may be the greatest race hoax since Tawana Brawley.”

In 2013, at Vassar College, messages such as “Avoid Being B—–s,” “F— N—–s,” and “Hey Tranny. Know Your Place” were all a hoax carried out by the left-wing leader of the school’s official “Bias Incident Response Team.”

In 2013, at the University of Iowa, a black student claimed he was beaten up at a bar, prompting massive campus outrage. But police later determined the alleged victim was actually “an active participant and even an instigator” in the bar brawl.

In 2013, at Clemson University, administrators accused white students of a “hate-crime” — banana peels hanging from a tree branch — they knew was a hoax. The incident was dubbed “bananagate.”

“Why are phony ‘hate crimes’ so common, especially on college campuses?” James Taranto asked in The Wall Street Journal on May 2, 2013. Why didn’t PolitiFact, which has been around since 2007, rate Taranto?

In 2014, a University of Chicago student who claimed his Facebook page was hacked and filled with racist and violent messages against him and another student faked the attack. He was a white leftist.

In 2015, a Muslim University of Texas student claimed she was stalked and threatened by an anti-Muslim man with a gun. She later confessed she made up the incident.

In 2015, University of Delaware students discovered three “nooses” near the hall where the Black Lives Matter group had protested conservative commentator Katie Pavlich the day before. It turned out the objects were “remnants of paper lanterns” leftover from a previous event.

In 2015, a bag of poop was found on the doorstep of Vanderbilt University’s Black Cultural Center. Most of the school initially believed it was put there due to racism. It turned out that a blind female student walking her dog could not find a trash can to throw away the guide dog’s excrement.

In 2015, at Kean University, the person behind the “i will kill every black male and female at kean university” tweet and other similar ones was a black female activist, a former president of its Pan-African Student Union.

In 2015, at Delta College in Michigan, a social media post read, “I’m going to shoot every black person I can on campus. Starting tomorrow morning.” It was posted by a black student.

In 2014, a Grand Valley State University student who found racist graffiti — “black b—- die” and “f— black history month” — on her dorm room door’s whiteboard in mid-February was the person who put it there, the Grand Valley Police Department announced.

In 2016, at Elon University in North Carolina, a scribbled “Bye Bye Latinos Hasta La Vista” after the 2016 election turned out to be written by a Latino student.

In 2016, three black SUNY-Albany students fabricated a racial hate crime. They alleged they were the targets of racial slurs and attacked by a group of white men on a bus. But video evidence and 911 audio showed the women were the instigators.

In 2016, ABC News reported that Bowling Green University “police say student lied about politically driven attack.” Eleesha Long (a black student) said she was assaulted and called a racial slur, but she made the story up.”

In 2016, a female Muslim Baruch College student who claimed she was assaulted on a New York subway train by “three drunk white men” shouting “Donald Trump!” was arrested for making up the whole thing.

In 2017, The College Fix chronicled 17 race hoaxes on campuses.

One example: “The University of Southern California’s Department of Public Safety confirmed that the person who had adhered a sign reading ‘No Black People Allowed’ that featured a makeshift confederate flag and ‘#MAGA’ on a gate of a campus residence was African American.”

Another example: “Some black Air Force Academy cadets discovered racial slurs written on their dorm doors, including ‘Go home n—–.'” Two months later, a black student was determined to have written the slurs.

In 2017, a black man filed a false police report about graffiti containing the N-word and a threat he painted on his own car near Kansas State University.

In 2018, The College Fix determined the student responsible for racially charged graffiti found at the University of Maryland was black.

In 2018, a threat on social media that had targeted African American students at Chesapeake High School in Maryland was written by a black student.

In 2018, a black student at Goucher College was charged with malicious destruction of property after investigators determined he was responsible for graffiti that targeted specific individuals — including himself.

In 2021, The College Fix “identified eleven confirmed hoaxes (and) six likely hoaxes.”

In 2022, Illinois law enforcement announced that a black female student at Southern Illinois University would be charged with filing a false police report claiming she received notes saying, “DIE B—-” and “BLACK PEOPLE DON’T BELONG.”

PolitiFact is owned by the Poynter Institute, a left-wing organization funded in part by George Soros. The primary purpose of Poynter and PolitiFact is to malign conservatives, just as they did me. But the real punk in this story is Brian Levin, director of the hate center known by its Orwellian name, the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism. Let him provide an equal or greater number of true examples of N-word graffiti and nooses on campuses placed by white supremacists. If he doesn’t, he is lying. Which would not be surprising. As I’ve said all of my life, truth is a liberal value and it is a conservative value. It is not a left-wing value.

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Illegal Alien Crime Continues To Spiral Out of Control


Posted: May 17, 2022 12:01 AM

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Townhall.com.

A gruesome murder in New York City in late April provided yet another example of illegal alien crime run amok in this country.

David Bonola, an illegal alien from Mexico, was arrested late last month for the murder of 51-year-old Orsolya Gaal. Bonola has reportedly been living in the U.S. for more than 20 years, and previously worked for Gaal’s family as a handyman. 

The details of the slaying are brutal as Gaal was allegedly stabbed “ruthlessly and brutally in excess of 55 times,” according to the New York Police Department. If Bonola committed this killing as alleged by police, it is the latest in a long line of violent crimes perpetrated by illegal aliens across the country, and should bring new scrutiny to New York’s sanctuary status that attracts criminal aliens who can more easily avoid deportation. In 2021, an illegal alien from El Salvador, pleaded guilty to the murder of 18-year-old New York resident Bryan Steven Cho Lemus. Samuel Ponce and other MS-13 gang members lured Lemus into the Massapequa Preserve and brutally murdered him using machetes. In 2020, an illegal alien in New York City allegedly murdered and raped a 92-year-old woman after being released from custody by local officials. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had a detainer on the alien at the time, but local officials refused to cooperate with federal authorities, leading to the brutal killing of the woman. 

“It’s a completely preventable tragedy. Had they honored the [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] detainer this would never have happened,” then- Department of Homeland Security Acting Secretary Chad Wolf said at the time.  “So if they’d cooperated with ICE officials, the individual would never have been let out, wouldn’t have committed this crime and we wouldn’t even be talking about this.”

New York City has been extremely aggressive in recent years in seeking to undermine federal immigration law, and the results have been both tragic and predictable. A 2019 analysis from the Immigration Reform Law Institute ranked New York City as the second worst sanctuary city in the U.S., behind only San Francisco. The analysis found that between July 1, 2018 and June 2019, New York police refused 2,900 ICE detainers, which corresponded with a 27percent increase in shootings in the city, a number that has only increased in recent years. 

One would think these tragedies, as well as the correlation between illegal immigration and increased violent crime in the city, would move state and local officials to begin enforcing the law. However, that would be wrong. New York politicians have moved full speed ahead with their anti-borders policies, placing ideology over public safety. 

The Big Apple’s sanctuary policies were championed by former Mayor Bill de Blasio, and seem likely to continue under recently-inaugurated Mayor Eric Adams, who supported a measure allowing noncitizens to vote in local elections shortly after being elected. 

New York City is also the home of Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is one of the most outspoken voices in the movement to abolish ICE. Ocasio-Cortez and other elected officials have betrayed their constituents by neglecting the number one role of public service: to prioritize the safety, security, and prosperity of your own citizens. New York is a case study on what happens when government officials forget this. However, New York is far from the only city that has been devastated by illegal immigration. The entire country is currently being ravaged by it, from the fentanyl crisis, to gang activity, to violent crime. 

The policies of crime-ridden cities like New York have now been fully embraced by the federal government. The Biden Administration has completely opened up our border, welcoming more than one million illegal aliens into the country in their first year in office alone, according to a study from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). Anti-border policies from the federal government and major cities are leading to a rapidly deteriorating quality of life situation for much of the country. This will only get worse unless strong measures are taken to secure the border. Tragically, that does not appear at all likely as long as the politicians responsible for the crisis continue to implement their radical agenda. 

William J. Davis is a communications associate for the Immigration Reform Law Institute, a public interest law firm working to defend the rights and interests of the American people from the negative effects of mass migration.  

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Mr. Unity Goes to Buffalo

President Joe Biden will drop everything he’s screwing up in Washington, DC, and travel to Buffalo, New York, today in the wake of the mass shooting at a supermarket in that town. 

Biden says the trip is to address the “hate that remains a stain on the soul of America,” and he’s demanding federal action to end the “uniquely American phenomenon” of mass shootings. 

Within hours of the evil massacre, political pundits began blaming Fox News host Tucker Carlson for the shooting. Never mind that Carlson is never mentioned in the rambling, cut and paste manifesto this despicable monster left behind. And never mind that the murderer mocked and ridiculed Fox News for being part of some mythical Jewish media conspiracy… never mind all that, conservative media must be blamed. 

And Biden is willingly throwing fuel on the fire to further divide Americans along racial and political lines because it keeps him from explaining to moms in the suburbs why they can’t find any formula on the shelves to feed their infants. 

Biden began his presidential campaign in 2019 based on a divisive, racial lie about Donald Trump. He claimed Trump had praised white nationalists and neo-Nazis in Charlottesville when Trump literally did the exact opposite. He was never called on that lie by the establishment media because they had helped create that lie in the first place. Calling Biden out on it would have been an admission that they had lied too. 

He claimed that he was running to help heal our nation and unify its people. That was a lie as well. 

If Biden cared about unity, he’d condemn the protests in front of Supreme Court Justices’ homes over the leaked decision on Roe v. Wade

If Biden cared about unity, he’d put a halt to members of his military being discharged because they refuse to take a vaccine that they don’t need and doesn’t stop the spread of a virus many of them have already had. 

If Biden cared about unity, he wouldn’t institute a Ministry of Truth with a former cabaret singing-waitress from “House of Jazz Hands” as the Commanding Censor for social media musings. 

But, of course, Biden doesn’t care about unity. If anything, he thrives on disunity. 

The man has been lying in wait, preparing himself for a horrific crime like this. Now, he’s ready to pounce. 

Understand that when Democrats and their media partners blamed Trump for racism and disunity, they were really pointing their fingers at you. If you support Trump, you’re the real racist. Makes sense, right? 

What do you call a person who supports Hitler? You call that person a Nazi. And if Trump is the next Hitler (as they often claimed), that makes you a Nazi. 

In that same spirit, Biden and his pals calling Tucker Carlson some sort of white nationalist who inspires murderous rampaging racists translates to a direct reflection on Tucker’s enormous audience. When they attack Tucker, they’re really attacking you for watching Tucker. 

And by dropping everything to draw the national spotlight on Buffalo, Biden will further enflame our divisions by not just condemning the racist murderer or his ideology, he will condemn Tucker, his network, his audience, and, by extension, the conservative movement and Republican Party (except Liz Cheney). 

Super unifying, right? 

He’d call Mitt Romney a racist too, but he already did that in the 2012 presidential campaign when he told a black audience that Romney would “put them all back in chains.” 

What a unifier he is! 

Although to be fair, in a strange way, Mr. Unity has actually gotten Americans to agree more now than they ever have in recent years. 

Biden has unified us all on the simple notion that his presidency is a disaster, his economic policies are moronic, his border policies are apocalyptic, his mental capacity is severely incapacitated, his foreign policy is incoherent, and his ability to run the federal government competently is non-existent. 

Our unity in opinion over the disaster of his presidency has also unified Americans over the notion that his party must be defeated in a historic fashion this November. 

And that, my friends, is why he’s going to Buffalo. 

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When the People Tasked With Protecting Our Children Are the Villains


Posted: May 17, 2022 12:01 AM

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Townhall.com.

The evidence shows that school closures during COVID were an epic public policy blunder. The school lockdowns in many states were arguably the most significant episode of government-sponsored child abuse in American history.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Last week, the liberal New York Times came to the same conclusion after an extensive investigation. The New York Times found:

“Extended school closures appear to have done much more harm than good, and many school administrators probably could have recognized as much by the fall of 2020. In places where schools reopened that summer and fall, the spread of Covid was not noticeably worse than in places where schools remained closed.”

The New York Times also found that the primary victims were the lowest-income children. Wealthy families found education alternatives for their children either in their homes or private schools. Children from low-income families barely participated in online lessons.

“This will probably be the largest increase in educational inequity in a generation,” said Thomas Kane, an author of a Harvard study on the disparate impact of the COVID lockdowns.

The study also found that most of these school closures occurred “in major cities, which tend to be run by Democratic officials … Republicans were generally quicker to reopen schools. High-poverty schools are also more likely to have unionized teachers, and some unions lobbied for remote schooling.” And all this time, you probably thought Democrats were the party that cares about children.

But there are other villains as well that need to be exposed. Who did this to our children?

The teachers unions were probably the most shameful player, the worm in the education apple. Even after months of evidence that in-class instruction posed virtually no danger to children or teachers, they wouldn’t teach. They treated COVID as a paid vacation, even as private and Catholic schools down the street were open. In September of last year, nearly 90% of the Chicago teachers even voted to go on strike after not teaching for six months.

They weren’t the only ones in on the crime against our nation’s children. Let’s not forget about the inexcusable role of the American Academy of Pediatrics. This group of children’s doctors originally called for entire school openings for the 2020-21 school year. That was based on science.

But then, politics intervened. Two weeks later, the group did a sudden 180-degree reversal and joined in solidarity with the teachers unions calling for closing schools. They even signed joint statements with the unions.

It’s not hard to understand why the pediatricians pulled the rug out from beneath our children. Every study has shown that pediatricians are politically liberal and more so than any other medical group.

Pediatricians were regularly on TV or elsewhere in the news, falsely spooking parents about the dangers of sending children to school. It was propaganda — the big lie.

What is so chilling and unforgivable about this tale is that teachers and pediatricians are the people entrusted by parents and society at large to care for and educate children. They are supposed to have our sons’ and daughters’ best interests at stake regarding their health and well-being. But they selfishly put politics and paychecks ahead of child welfare.

So Democratic politicians, teachers unions and pediatricians formed an alliance to deny our children schooling. These are the people who sanctimoniously lecture us about the necessity of “following the science.” Yet they ignored it. They peddled fear, not facts, and perhaps Biden’s new ministry of “misinformation” might want to investigate them.

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Mainstream Media Blames Violent Video Games for the Buffalo Shooting, Science Says Otherwise

Once More From the Top: Why Video Games Do Not Cause Real-World Problems,

The mainstream media loves to perpetuate a moral panic against the nerds. Following the horrific mass shooting in Buffalo on Saturday, many prominent voices in the media couldn’t trip over themselves fast enough to blame the shooting on the one thing we know for sure wasn’t responsible: violent video games. Going back decades, accusing gamers for the world’s problems is a popular pastime for the media. Too bad for these finger-wagging luddites that thousands of scientific peer-reviewed studies have repeatedly shown that there is no link between video games and violent crime. But who needs science when a juicy narrative is afoot? 


What happened on Saturday is a horrific tragedy. That afternoon a deranged gunman opened fire in a grocery store in Buffalo, New York, killing ten people and wounding at least three others. The perpetrator was a mentally unstable 18-year-old, a deranged Nazi that described himself as a member of the “mild-moderate authoritarian left.” Not that it should matter, crazy people should never define our politics, nor should it matter that this nutjob streamed the shooting on Twitch, a popular video game streaming platform. Nevertheless, many commentators were more than happy to condemn video games and the people that play them for the violence.

The most notorious of these hot takes came from Elie Mystal, a justice writer for The Nation, one of the country’s oldest magazines. In Mystal’s viral tweet -22,000 likes and counting- he wrote: “Everybody is on the ‘This is Fox News’s fault’ and, it is. But I want to focus on another community I follow closely: Gamers.” Yikes.

Mystal wasn’t the only prominent lefty to jump on the bandwagon. There is also a popular Twitter trend where leftist Twitter users claim white supremacists are using video games to recruit children. White supremacy seems to be a top-tier attack tactic lately.

Indiana “Froskurinn” Black, the journalist responsible for putting the new G4TV on its deathbed, blamed memes and Gamergate for radicalizing gamers into becoming mass shooters. Tweeted Frosk, “I wish internet communities would recognize that their spaces have been infiltrated, manipulated, and hijacked by nefarious groups via “meme” propaganda. “Just jokes, bro” until hatred becomes normalized, radicalized, and a hate crime.”

Double yikes. However, before my conservative friends enjoy too much schadenfreude, we should recognize these bad takes aren’t just a leftwing problem, there are plenty of members on the right willing to jump into the pile of dumb. Jon Scott on Fox News Weekend had former ATF agent Bernard Zapor to talk about the Buffalo shooting. Said Scott: “I wonder, it seems these things have gotten so much worse since video games became so realistic and violent?” Scott then asked Zapor: ”Have you done research or learned that video games tend to desensitize people to the actual results of pulling a trigger?” To which Zapor could not answer clearly that he had.


Absolutely not, Chris Ferguson, a psychologist with Stetson University, and a top researcher on the video game violence connection told me. “It bears repeating that there is no evidence to link video games or gamer culture to mass homicides either directly or indirectly. Nor is there evidence gamer culture is associated with far-right causes more than any other group,” said Ferguson.

As Ferguson explained to me, there have always been two significant myths surrounding video games and gamers. First, playing video games increases aggression and turns non-violent people into criminals. This theory originated in 1976 when Death Race, a game that looked like Pong, was labeled “a murder simulator by the Associated Press and the New York Times. The second theory is that playing video games radicalizes people to white supremacy and terrorism. Something you here whenever Gamergate enters the mainstream news conversation.

Scientists have tried to figure out if there is anything true about these myths, with thousands of studies conducted over the years looking at video games and violence. The results? While some have seen correlations with aggression, almost all peer research saw no increase in real-world violence. Some studies show a correlation between the lowering rates of violence over the years and the popularizing of video games. Not proof, but it does make sense if you are a gamer. Many games have little to no violence whatsoever. Some games like Papers Please or Undertale actively make you think of the real-world impacts of violence. Its possible that gaming is making our society safer. 

Furthermore, there is no connection between playing video games and becoming radicalized toward any political or ideological identity. What political activity does occur is out of a desire to protect their hobbies, not get Trump elected. This is ironic, because as Ferguson’s research shows, the gaming community is not on the right but the Left. It used to be members of the religious right were opponents of video games, going back to the devil-worshiping Dungeons and Dragons Scares of the 1980s. These days, however, since Hillary Clinton and the Democrats investigated Mortal Kombat in the 1990s for causing murders, the Left has largely been the home of video game ludditism. 

Why let facts stop a good narrative:

None of what I shared here is much debated. The science is settled on the psychological effect of video games on humans. For some reason this knowledge hasn’t managed to take with the popular culture. And unfortunately for us, journalists and politicians don’t care for scientific evidence when there’s a much more convenient narrative available. This is why you cannot go a month without a major publication complaining about how Gamergate is somehow responsible for the latest controversy, whether it’s a mass shooting or, I kid you not, the overturning of Roe v Wade.

As sales data shows, attacking gamers is a tactical misstep. Video Games are easily the most popular medium today and pushing a moral panic against gamers will only hurt the outlets and their causes politically. Conservative media should look at this as an area for great potential growth and start treating gamers as allies instead of enemies. If the right won’t do it, it increasingly looks like in modern journalism, few else will.

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The Deadly Dance With Communism

The road to power is often a rather scenic route. There are undoubtedly various road hazards taking the form of the dreaded counter-revolution. As well as the pesky needs of its people, such as food. Perhaps the most important speed bump or ditch (pick your metaphor) for the power-hungry to avoid is the proliferation of the voice of dissent. Here we find the dark and gloomy path that authors John O’Neil and Sarah Wynne guide their readers down in “The Dancer and The Devil: Stalin, Pavlova, and The Road To The Pandemic”.

The book maps out in an informative and captivating way how the evil thread of communism has been weaved through history and the countless lives that have been needlessly lost in its wake.

The book calls upon the dual evils, similar but not the same, of Communism and Marxism. 

O’Neil and Wynne also point out and expound on how the use of bioweapons seems to fit a little too snugly into the coterie of rhetoric and actions of those ideologies.

The book itself puts it perfectly, “Communism must kill what it cannot control”.

The gun barrel of the prose is aimed at “the examination of historical and current mysteries with the tools of the detective and an attorney’s eye for evidence that seals guilt”. O’Neil and Wynne seem to be simply unable to miss the bull’s eye, to the delight of its readers, and indeed, to this reviewer.

The book begins centered on the titular dancer. That dancer is Anna Pavlova, who much like her infamous “Dying Swan”, was both enchanting and more than a little tragic. The saga of the legendary Russian, Pavlova, had a sad magic to it and the authors capture this in their prose perfectly.

Pavlova, who may well have been the most gifted ballet dancer of her generation, died under mysterious, bordering on treacherous, circumstances.

It was in the early morning hours of January 23rd, 1931 that Pavlova died at the age of 49. The death, while officially ruled a result of pleurisy, was very much in dispute, and there were several involved in the police investigation who suspected homicide. Interestingly, if not suspiciously, while the world press heartily mourned Pavlova’s passing, there was seldom a mention of her in any of the newspapers that belonged to the Soviet Union.

The authors make several compelling cases that Stalin, in his typical sociopathic rigor, worked to have the influential dancer and actress murdered; likely at the hands of Stalin’s poison assassins. While the truth may remain shrouded in the mists of history, the book, much like James Reston Jr’s The Accidental Victim, provides a lucid, sensible, and compelling re-reading of history that some may consider settled.

From here, the authors set the structure for the rest of the book.

They turn their aforementioned attorney’s eye towards a century of Soviet misdeeds, Chinese communism, and the use of poisons and bioweapons, with a final thread marking the intersecting elements between them. Specifically the use of the weapons on Russian artists such Maxim Gorky, Raoul Wallenberg, and Alexis Navalny, among others.

Later on in the book, O’Neil and Wynne turn from the loved one in Pavlova, to the hated one in Stalin, and the under-remarked upon Laboratory One.

Stalin’s evil and sadism hardly need remarking upon, though for the people unfamiliar with his specific crimes, the book points towards his use of Gulags, and of his White Sea-Baltic Canal project, which ensured the immiseration and murder of hundreds and thousands of people, including, perhaps most infamously, the Kulaks.

The book then sets its sights on Laboratory One. Here the bonding agent that brings all the elements of the book together begins to coagulate. Laboratory One was (and depending on who you talk to, still is) a state-sanctioned manufacturer of poisons created specifically to assassinate dissidents and opponents. It was the manufacturing of these poisons, particularly Novichok, and the carrying out of the elimination of political threats, such as Pavlova, among many others mentioned in the book, that anchors the book with great emotional weight.

It might seem unconscionable, but those who live under the moral anesthesia of communist tyranny will be dulled to the outrage of this war on humanity that they might otherwise have.

The book then moves from the historical to the contemporary, and indeed, perhaps even touches on the prescient. O’Neil and Wynne point out that present-day dictators such as Putin and President Xi of China, look to their power-hungry predecessors. Indeed, the book also touches upon the use of media and cult of personality, as well as how important the oft-discussed “spin” is in manufacturing obedience.

For a relatively short read at 320 pages, the book is packed full of historical and contemporary events, given an investigative lens, with some hard questions answered, and, indeed, a number of new questions created. 

Book reviewer Josh Cohen is a writer and a podcast host. Check out his podcast, “Eyewitness History”, which presents history through the eyes of the people that watched the events that shaped our world.

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Regulators Acting As Judge, Jury and Executioner for Railroads


Posted: May 17, 2022 12:01 AM

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Townhall.com.

The Surface Transportation Board held two long open sessions in late April – a total of nearly 18 hours of testimony. The invitation it sent out asked for the Class 1 carriers – the biggest railroads in the country – to send “senior executives” to face questions from the board. 

The railroads took that to mean executive vice-presidents, corporate attorneys and other key managers. Despite the instructions not calling for CEOs, Robert Primus, a member of the board, lectured each of the representatives who came before him the board that yes, it was good they were there, but their CEOs needed to be there to answer his very serious questions about service levels along the nation’s long-haul rail lines. 

But one CEO did come. James Foote, who runs the railroad, CSX, showed up in large part because he wanted to make some points that the various underlings for the other railroads, whose primary mission is to not anger the regulators, seemed reluctant to make. 

Foote’s testimony came in the ninth hour of the first day of the two-day hearing. Much of what preceded his testimony was representatives of various shipper groups complaining about rail service, which has not recovered from the pandemic. 

Foote runs a company that has embraced precision scheduled railroading, the revolutionary – for the railroad industry – notion that trains would leave at scheduled times with whatever cars were hooked behind them and arrive at scheduled times at various stations along the route. 

Before, trains didn’t move until enough sufficiently complimentary cars could be cobbled together in railroad yards. Cars could sit idle for days waiting for an appropriate train to be assembled to take them on their way. This be-there-when-we-get-there system may have been adequate for decades, but the world and demand for on-time inventory have changed. 

Foote’s point is that service did decline during the pandemic and has been slow to return to the record-setting excellence CSX was enjoying before the pandemic in large part because the railroads cannot hire enough conductors to move the trains. 

When Primus challenged him that the problem could be pay and working conditions, Foote countered that service could be restored today if the agency would quit acting as an employment office for unions and let the trains run with one conductor rather than two as is now required and obviously favored by the unions regardless that the technology exists to allow them to operate with less. 

“Come on,” Foote said. “We have to go through the same over and over and over questions? You don’t want the answer.”

Railway Age, which covers the industry, took Foote to task for his performance. “Whatever was CSX CEO James M. Foote thinking when he testified before the STB’s ‘Urgent Issues in Freight Rail Service’ hearing April 26?” wrote Frank Wilner, who covers Capitol Hill for the publication.

“His display of disdain for the agency – in particular, White House-nominated and Senate-confirmed STB member Robert A. Primus – was evident in mannerisms and sarcastic responses. For the usually well-respected, third-generation railroader whose track record is one of investor-satisfying performance, Foote’s April 26 appearance is best not bookmarked. Kudos to Primus and STB Chairperson Martin J. Oberman for remaining composed through Foote’s loss of situational awareness.”

Wilner did admit there might be more to the story. On April 5, a hearing on expanding Amtrak service to the Gulf Coast over CSX and Norfolk Southern lines become so heated that, within 24 hours of it ending, legal counsel for both railroads had filed a 10-page objection as to the “tenor and form” of the hearing, specifically with regard to the board’s questioning of railroad witnesses. 

The two railroads contended the board’s questions at the Amtrak hearing “crossed the line from clarification into advocacy on a number of occasions” and that board acted more as an “advocate or witness” than a judge, which “compromised” the “fairness of the proceeding.” 

It further said such hearings “must be conducted so as to preserve both the reality and appearance of impartiality” and that both “are risked where judges engage in sustained cross-examination, including leading questions calculated to discredit or impeach or that indicate prejudgment of issues.” Wilner must have had some sympathy for these complaints to present them as he did. 

So what is happening is the Surface Transportation Board is starting to take on the character of the administration it serves. It hectors private industry for not meeting standards when its own rules stand in the way of meeting those standards. Its cheerleaders in the press demand subservience. Its leaders do seem to have some baked-in conclusions. 

The only CEO who shows up to its meetings is attacked and belittled, and reporters take up for the poor beleaguered federal bureaucrat. Even though these same federal agencies and their overly burdensome regulations are all too often part of the problem and not the solution. 

Foote is right. If it is to keep up, the railroad industry must be run a lot more like other industries – with emphasis on efficiency and on-time delivery rather than union contracts and kissing up to regulators. Berating the one CEO who shows up to speak truth is not the path forward. 

Regulators Acting As Judge, Jury and Executioner for Railroads Read More

Make Joe Biden Pay


Posted: May 16, 2022 3:10 PM

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Townhall.com.

Joe Biden and his radical administration are destroying our great country, and the American people know it. We all feel the pain at the grocery store and gas pump as leftist policies continue to cause inflation to skyrocket. Yet this isn’t stopping old, senile, corrupt Joe from considering stealing from hard-working Americans to pay off the college debt of woke leftists who can’t find a job with their BS gender studies degrees.

Across the country, mothers and fathers are frantically searching for baby formula as supply chain and production issues are putting the health and well-being of society’s most vulnerable at risk.

And who at the White House is tackling this problem? No one that we can find.

And did you see last quarter’s GDP numbers? The economy shrank. We’re heading toward a deep recession.

Now more than ever, we must fight back against these leftists and their destructive policies to save America. But we need your help to continue doing so.

By joining Townhall VIP, you will become part of the Townhall army working to save America. We don’t follow the leftist narrative, and we won’t back down. Join us in this war.

There are no ads—just pure conservative writing that will arm you with the truth and cut through the liberal media’s BS. Every penny is devoted to telling the truth liberals don’t want you to know and ensuring the decimation of the left and saving America.

Of course, the radical left is doing everything it can to excite its voter base. That’s why the pro-abortion crowd is pushing the issue of “abortion rights” and harassing our conservative Supreme Court justices. They have nothing to run on, and they know it. But good luck winning elections by promoting baby killing and destroying the country.

Our Supreme Court justices are being targeted. Members of the pro-abortion mob have assaulted pro-life supporters. Molotov cocktails were thrown into the office building of the pro-life organization Wisconsin Family Action, and its walls were graffitied with a sinister message: “If abortions aren’t safe, neither are you.” And churchgoers have been harassed at their places of worship.

We’re less than six months away from the November elections, and Joe Biden has already caused so much destruction and fueled so much chaos in less than a year and a half. Politically speaking, six months is a lifetime, but now is not the time for conservatives to be complacent. We must take back Congress. In January 2023, we must kill the Biden agenda.

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Make Joe Biden Pay Read More

Journalists Display Stark Avoidance and Selective Outrage with Five Violent Incidents in One Week


Posted: May 16, 2022 11:30 AM

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Townhall.com.

The shooting at a grocery store in Buffalo is jarring and disturbing, with ten lives taken by a young, damaged individual. Also disturbing in nature is the way the press is reacting with a uniform reaction of blame and guilt. What makes this more unsettling is that in less than 24 hours, the victims became PR pawns as coordination appeared on the horizon within the journalism sector. 

The revealing aspect is that numerous other violent outbreaks were witnessed within a matter of days, yet all the energy, fear-mongering, and conspiracy expert opinion are all uniquely focused. 

As most know, of all of these incidents, one is getting far more coverage – and one is getting far more “analysis.” A proper thinking individual might suggest these all warrant a level of introspection, yet the press in this country have shown that being proper is not a highly-listed priority. It does not take long to see why there is a very selective level of outrage with these incidents. 

In California, it was a Taiwanese church shot up by an Asian man in his 60s. The Dallas salon saw Korean women who were the victims of a black shooter. And in both of the firebombings last week, you saw it was offices of pro-life groups that were targeted. Instantly, you can see the reason for media apathy in each attack. There is no favored narrative to be served. 

Yet immediately, the cause of the Buffalo shooting was said to be radicalization by Fox News, specifically Tucker Carlson. It has been splashed across the news networks and social media, delivered with a high degree of certainty; they just know the shooter was inspired by Tucker. This, despite an abject lack of evidence. 

The lone detail they can hang onto is that the 18-year-old professed to follow “white replacement theory,” and this is said to be something that Tucker Carlson frequently covers on his show. Therefore, these serious journalists, with their training and expertise, have gathered that if an individual writes something about a topic, it means you are permitted to draw a direct link to a figure who has spoken favorably about said topic. 

Of course, this means that the tired practice of evidence needs to be dispatched, but thankfully for so many of these journalists, it is easily done. 

And these are but a sample. Across the media complex, this very proposal is echoed; the punk was radicalized by Fox, and Tucker was the conduit to his hate. So, where is this coming from if there is no evidence to point at as proof? Ah, this is where the journalists have ensnared themselves, because they can only go to this area of accusals by relying on a sole source, and that source is what trips them up at the same time – the killer’s manifesto. 

In the 180-page screed – much of it cribbed from a manifesto written by a prior shooter – is where the emergence of the white replacement commentary derives. But in order for any journalist to rest on this as proof that Tucker is culpable, they also have to admit either blatant ignorance or craven avoidance of other aspects of this document. For starters, Tucker Carlson’s name appears nowhere in this manifesto. Yes, the same press corps that found the unwritten words “Don’t Say Gay” in a piece of Florida legislation have pegged Tucker to this rambling missive. 

However, Fox News is mentioned in the document. The shooter had disdain for the network. They hired too many Jews, you see. Thus, they were stricken from favorability by the shooter, who is a former communist and self-describes as a leftist eco-fascist national-socialist. He wrote that “conservativism is corporatism in disguise, I want no part of it.” Yet, this is the evidence the press uses to condemn Tucker and the right as the inspiration for Saturday’s violence. And as they were busying themselves finding that non-existent evidence, note the stark lack of curiosity in the other episodes of violence. 

Interesting that there is little to no exploration as to what may have motivated a sexagenarian of Far-East extraction to fire upon a California congregation. In the Dallas shooting, there is a reason for authorities to believe this is connected to other recent shootings targeting Asian businesses. Why is there no exploration as to what might be motivating a black individual to perpetrate a hate crime? As for the firebombings of pro-life offices, it is pretty clear why there is no curiosity about how the recent emotional press coverage of the abortion issue might have inspired those violent reactions. 

Yet, these journalists are perfectly at ease leveling a charge that a prime time pundit is directly correlated to the deaths of ten people in Buffalo. It fits their narratives, serves their agenda, and, most revealing, suits their biased goals. 

Who needs actual evidence when you can selectively contort elements to fit the pre-written script? They know they will not be challenged on the specifics because so many others in the press will take up the talking points and spread them freely. 

Journalists Display Stark Avoidance and Selective Outrage with Five Violent Incidents in One Week Read More

The Left's Hatred of America


Posted: May 16, 2022 9:54 AM

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Townhall.com.

Back in 2012 at a town hall meeting, a woman asked me if I thought there were socialists in Congress. I replied by stating that there were some 75-80 socialist and communists in the US Congress. Well, that sent some folks into an apoplectic meltdown; however, it was the truth. At that time when one assessed the membership of the Congressional Progressive Caucus that assertion was pretty accurate. We must recognize that the reference “progressive” was just a slick renaming of European communists who sought to export their philosophy of governance, albeit a flawed one, to the United States.

Fast forward to today and there is no debate that progressives, socialists, Marxists, statists, and communists have but one goal in mind. It is the objective articulated by Barack Obama, America’s first openly socialist president, in the final days of the 2008 election. He stated at a rally in Columbia, Missouri, “we are just five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

And now we clearly see what that transformation means–a redefining of the longest running Constitutional Republic that the world has ever known, borne out of a sheer, unequivocal, and maniacal hatred of this nation.

How else can one discern the abhorrent events of the past 16 months of the Biden administration, Obama’s third term, and not recognize this?

Americans are worse off by every measure. The U.S. has gone from having a record strong economy where inflation was far below 2 percent to an anemic situation where inflation is well over 8 percent. And anyone of competence can realize that inflation is a hidden tax increase on all citizens, especially lower and middle-income levels. We have gone from being energy independent to once again begging OPEC nations to increase their oil production. Gasoline prices in America have reached epic highs, especially for diesel, which affects our ground transport systems in the supply chain. The left’s war against American energy defies all imagination, until you realize that it is part of their hatred of America as they embrace the false god of green energy.

The left hates the foundational documents of America–the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. They have cooked up this absurdity called the 1619 Project to redefine the birth of America, relating it to slavery. In their minds, America is and always shall be a racist nation. So, our children will no longer be taught our true history, but a leftist revision. The left hates the Constitution because it is a restraining document on the powers of the federal government. 

As we see with the leaked draft SCOTUS opinion regarding Roe v. Wade, the left has no respect for our governing institutions. For them, our unalienable rights do not emanate from a Creator God nor are they enshrined in the Bill of Rights. No, the left believes in ideological rights rooted in their agenda — murdering unborn babies, same-sex marriage (another court decision, not a law), gender dysphoria (a black female SCOTUS nominee cannot tell us what a woman is), and climate change (they want to control the weather and want massive redistribution of wealth to do so).

Look at the violence and crime that is plaguing our streets. The left hates America so much that they release violent criminals back onto the streets. Millions of illegal immigrants are pouring into our country, bused and flown all over, because the left hates American sovereignty and has no concern for our safety. We are experiencing vandalism and attacks on churches and the introduction of the new “Brown Shirts” (Antifa), all part of leftist policies designed to create fear, threats, intimidation, coercion, and violence. 

The decisive moment is upon us if we wish to Live Free. As a combat commander, I explained to my soldiers that every day you either “get to fighting or get to dying.” In this case, the fight is for the life of our America.

The recent sweeping of progressive socialist leftists off school boards is highly encouraging, but the fight wages on. No more can constitutional conservatives operate in a peak and valley type of existence. We must find a constant steady state of engagement, at all levels of governance. We must do as we say in the military, “embrace the suck,” and see that the progressive socialist left hates America and Americans. They are delusional, deranged, and dangerous.

I do not hate them back; rather I feel pity upon them. As Mister T would say, “I pity da fool.” But that pity does not translate into a willingness to surrender my Country to them. Let us endeavor to Live Free and secure that freedom for future generations — “damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.”

Steadfast and Loyal!

The Left's Hatred of America Read More