Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck have heated discussion inside car after his intimate moment with Jennifer Garner

Things seemingly got tense between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck while the two drove around Los Angeles Friday.

In photos obtained by Page Six, Affleck gestured in a very animated way while in the driver’s seat of his vehicle as a stoic Lopez listened.

At one point, the “Jenny From the Block” singer angrily looked ahead as the “Justice League” star spoke at her.

Another snap showed Lopez, 54, glaring at Affleck as the actor continued to speak.

Despite how the moment looks in photos, a source familiar with the couple tells Page Six exclusively Saturday that there was “nothing heated about their discussion.”

Reps for Lopez and Affleck did not respond to Page Six’s request for comment.

While it’s unclear what the two may have been discussing, we know that Affleck has recently been making headlines after sharing an intimate moment in his vehicle with ex-wife Jennifer Garner and one of their daughters.

Lopez gave a stoic expression, looking away from her hubby as he spoke to her.

As Page Six previously reported, the “Alias” alum, 51, was photographed earlier this month leaning in to hug the “Good Will Hunting” star, also 51, from the back seat of his car.

Their daughter Seraphina was sitting in the passenger seat beside her father. The former couple also share daughter Violet and son Samuel.

The exes have maintained an amicable co-parenting relationship since their separation in 2015.

It is unclear what the two were chatting about.
However, a source tells Page Six that there was “nothing heated about their discussion.”

Affleck moved on with Lopez, tying the knot in July 2022, while Garner has moved on with businessman John Miller.

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As for how the three navigate co-parenting and remaining friendly, a source told the Daily Mail Thursday that Affleck is a lot more “healthy” these days now that he’s with Lopez.

“The drama of the past and the emotions of divorce are long gone and they are all making it work,” the insider shared.

Affleck, seen here with Jennifer Garner in 2012, made headlines two weeks ago when he shared an intimate moment with his ex-wife while picking up their daughter Seraphina.
Christopher Polk/Getty Images for VH1

The insider also stated that Garner and Lopez — who shares twins Max and Emme with ex Marc Anthony — are “friendly” with each other and that their children “love each other.”

“It is really a very happy co-parenting situation,” the source added.

“Everything is really good right now and should be the same in the near and distant future.”

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Discovery of gravestone in suburban yard could derail Los Angeles area light rail expansion

The recent uncovering of a gravestone in the backyard of a residence in Lawndale, California, could derail plans to expand Los Angeles light rail through the town.

This week, Lawndale resident Jay Gould, who had heard rumors of graves in his yard and the yards of his neighbors from his father, dug a hole in the yard of his next-door neighbor Josh Standifer. 

Almost immediately, less than three inches deep, he hit stone. 

Mr. Gould had hit the gravestone of Earle Hoffman, replete with a Star of David and mention of Hoffman’s service as a member of standby ready reserve forces in the U.S. Navy during WWII, as seen in photos of the gravestone uploaded by multiple local news outlets.

“I grabbed a shovel and I started digging. I felt relieved. I knew it was there. I had to prove it to myself and everyone,” Mr. Gould told the Los Angeles Times. The finding of the stone could mean more are buried nearby.

“His father told him about an old World War II graveyard. There’s up to 17 bodies,” Mr. Standifer told KCAL-TV.

If human remains are found beneath the stone, they would be protected by the California Health and Safety Code. Those protections could prevent one of the two routes from being considered by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority for the expansion of its light rail C-Line.

Mr. Gould and Mr. Standifer’s houses sit next to a freight rail line. The rail line and their yards are in the right-of-way of one of the routes being considered to link the Redondo Beach light rail station and the Torrance Transit Center that opened in June. LA Metro officials have scheduled a vote on which route to take for 2024.

“If it is confirmed the potential burial site is on Metro property, Metro would use on-call archeological and paleontological experts to determine if there are human remains. If human remains are discovered, Metro will follow the California Health and Safety Code provisions,” LA Metro spokesperson Patrick Chandler told the LA Times.

Lawndale City Manager Sean Moore told the Easy Reader newspaper “There is at least one grave between the two properties. At least one headstone has a marking, and there are potentially two more headstones. We’re not sure. It looks like these graves are on the Metro right-of-way, but I’m not a surveyor.”

Hoffman’s surviving family, on the other hand, want to know why his gravestone is in a yard in Lawndale, miles away from where he was supposed to have been buried. 

Hoffman’s obituary in the now-defunct Venice Evening Vanguard newspaper says he died suddenly at 25 on Dec. 14, 1951, and that memorial services were held at the Hillside Memorial Park, where his other gravestone remains.

“I thought this was an AI scam. In our mind, he has been buried at Hillside since two days after he passed away. I have been visiting his gravesite since I was a little kid,” Cory Cohen, Hoffman’s nephew, told the LA Times.

Mr. Cohen added to KCAL-TV that the situation was “extremely bizarre” and that the family is “very interested to find out what is going on.”

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Even Costco Is Now Selling Gold Bars – But How Do You Buy Gold if Your Money Is Wrapped up in a Retirement Account?

Note: The information provided by Gateway Pundit or any related communications is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice. We do not provide personalized investment, financial, or legal advice. Gateway Pundit benefits from purchases made through our sponsors.

The demand for physical precious metals has been rising since before the pandemic. Gold has appreciated from approximately $1,250 an ounce in mid-2019 to around $1,900 today. Central banks have been buying up as much as they can for two years. Nations and even some U.S. states are filling their coffers with physical precious metals.

Now, Costco has started offering gold bars to their members — and they’re selling out as quickly as they can get a hold of them. According to a recent article on CNBC, the bars often disappear within hours of inventory getting stocked.

“Costco is well-known as a place to get bargain prices on any variety of items, from food to luggage to appliances to gold bars,” the article states. “Wait, gold bars? Yes, the retail warehousing giant is your one-stop shop for 1 ounce gold PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna Veriscan bars, handsomely detailed and ready for purchase.”

Jonathan Rose, co-founder of Genesis Gold Group, talked to CNBC about what Costco’s move means. He said:

“They’ve done their market research. I think it’s a very clever way to get their name in the news and have some great publicity. There is definitely a crossover of people living off the land, being self-sufficient, believing in your own currency. That’s the appeal to gold as a safe haven as people lose faith in the U.S. dollar.”

That’s great for those who have extra cash available, but what about those who have their wealth tied up in retirement accounts?

Can they rollover or transfer their accounts into physical precious metals and keep it tax-deferred?

Genesis Gold Group says “Yes!”

Genesis Gold Group specializes in self-directed IRAs backed by gold and silver. As a Christian company, they believe this is an appropriate form of financial stewardship that puts Americans’ money on the fiscal high ground.

As the CNBC article noted:

Precious metals have been on a run over the past several years. Gold has risen more than 15% over the past year and more than 55% over the past five years. With inflation still elevated, banks under the gun from a regulatory standpoint and looming issues in the commercial real estate market, the safe-haven aspect of gold and silver should be strong, Rose said.

“We know what the road map looks like: Bank failures, commercial loans defaulting at an alarming rate … they don’t seem to have a handle on inflation, and that’s why they keep raising interest rates,” he said. “The outlook for stability in the market isn’t good and people want a [tangible] asset that’s going to be a safe haven. That’s what gold and silver provide.”

To work with Genesis Gold Group to own precious metals via your retirement accounts, click here and reach out today.

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BREAKING: US Government Shut Down Averted – House Passes 45-Day Stopgap Resolution (VIDEO)

The House of Representatives passed a last-minute bill to keep the government funded for an additional 45 days, narrowly averting a government shutdown that would have commenced at 12:01 a.m. The bill, spearheaded by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), now heads to the Senate, where it is expected to pass.

With a 335-91 vote, the House approved a 45-day temporary funding measure that excludes border security and $6 billion in additional support for Ukraine.

The bill includes provisions for disaster relief funds that likely swayed some Democrats to vote in favor.

90 GOP Nos and 1 Dem No


Socialist AOC celebrated the passing of the resolution, calling it a “win-win.”

“Here’s what went down: we just won a clean 45 day gov extension, stripped GOP’s earlier 30% cuts to Social Security admin etc, staved off last minute anti-immigrant hijinks, and averted shutdown (for now). People will get paychecks and MTG threw a tantrum on the way out. Win-win,” AOC wrote.

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) blasted Kevin McCarthy for pushing through a continuing resolution that upholds the spending levels and policies set by the Biden-Pelosi-Schumer.

“Instead of siding with his own party today, Kevin McCarthy sided with 209 Democrats to push through a continuing resolution that maintains the Biden-Pelosi-Schumer spending levels and policies. He allowed the DC Uniparty to win again. Should he remain Speaker of the House?”

This is a breaking story. Please check back for more updates.

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