Delta, United Not Revising South Africa Flights Amid Variant Concerns

WASHINGTON—Delta Air Lines and United Airlines said on Friday they do not plan any changes to their South Africa-U.S. routes after the White House said it plans to impose new travel curbs on southern Africa starting Monday amid concerns about a new COVID-19 variant. Delta and United are the only U.S. passenger carriers that have direct flights to southern Africa. Delta currently operates service between Johannesburg and Atlanta three times weekly and the U.S. airline said “there are no planned adjustments to service at this time.” The White House said it plans to bar entry to most non-U.S. citizens who have been in South Africa and seven other African countries within the last 14 days. Airlines for America, a trade group representing major U.S. passenger and cargo carriers, said Friday it remains “in communication with the U.S. government as specifics remain unknown at this time and there are many unanswered …

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At Least 1 Injured in Shooting at Mall in Tacoma, Washington

TACOMA, Washington—Gunshots rang out at a Washington state mall packed with Black Friday shoppers, seriously wounding one person and panicking hundreds of others who hid inside stores as the mall went into lockdown. Authorities said the shooting in Tacoma, south of Seattle, was reported just after 7 p.m. at an area near the mall’s food court. The person shot was taken to hospital with serious injuries, Tacoma Police said. No suspects have been arrested, police said. After the shots rang out at Tacoma Mall, shoppers sheltered in place or hid inside stores, which immediately went into lockdown. More than 60 law enforcement officers from Tacoma, Pierce County, Lakewood, Puyallup, and the Washington State Patrol responded. Pierce County Sheriff’s Sgt. Darren Moss said police went in to conduct a “coordinated search” of the mall. Fredrick Hoskins was shopping with his daughter inside the mall when he heard gunfire. “There was a …

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US Banning Travel From Southern Africa to Buy Time to Learn About COVID-19 Variant: Fauci

The United States banned travel from southern African countries to try to delay the introduction of a newly detected virus variant, a public health official said on Saturday. “The issue of blocking travel from a given country is to just give us time to assess it better—that’s the reason for doing that, not any reason to panic,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, the longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said on the “Today” show. “We want to give us some time to really fill in the blanks of what we don’t know right now,” he added. President Joe Biden a day earlier ordered travel restricted from South Africa and seven other South African countries due to Omicron, a variant of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus. “I’ve decided that we’re going to be cautious,” Biden told reporters in Nantucket, Massachusetts, where he is vacationing. The decision followed a meeting …

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Shootings Send Black Friday Shoppers Scurrying in North Carolina, Washington State

Shootings erupted at retail outlets crowded with post-Thanksgiving holiday shoppers in North Carolina and Washington state on Friday, sending bystanders at both locations scurrying for cover and injuring a total of seven people, police said. At a shopping mall in Durham, North Carolina, a late-afternoon shootout between “two groups who knew each other” left three people struck by ricocheting gunfire and three others injured in the ensuing chaos, city Police Chief Patrice Andrews said. One of those wounded was a 10-year-old boy, but Andrews described the injuries sustained by all six people hurt in the melee as non-life-threatening. She said it was not immediately clear whether any of the victims were among the individuals who exchanged gunfire, and that the majority of those involved had fled the scene, though one was taken into custody. “This is not a situation where someone came into the mall and indiscriminately just began firing,” …

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Naturally Immune People at Little Risk of Reinfection, Severe Disease From COVID-19: Study

People who recovered from COVID-19 are at little risk of contracting the disease again, according to a study published this week. Researchers in Qatar examined a cohort of over 353,000 people using national databases that contain information about patients with polymerase-chain-reaction-confirmed infections. The studied population contracted COVID-19, the disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, between Feb. 28, 2020, and April 28, 2021. Reinfections were counted if a person tested positive at least 90 days after their first infection. After excluding approximately 87,500 people with a vaccination record, researchers found those with immunity from having recovered from COVID-19 had little risk of reinfection and severe cases of the disease. Just 1,304 reinfections were identified. That means 0.4 percent of people with natural immunity and without a vaccination record got COVID-19 a second time. The odds of severe disease were 0.1 percent that at primary infection, according to the study. Just four …

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US Bond Funds See First Weekly Outflow in Over Four Months: Lipper

U.S. bond funds posted a net outflow in the week to Nov. 24 as investors raised bets that the Federal Reserve would become more aggressive in normalizing monetary policy to fight inflation after President Joe Biden nominated Jerome Powell as chairperson for a second term. According to Refinitiv Lipper data, investors sold U.S. bond funds worth a net $158 million, the first outflow since the week to July 14. The two-year U.S. Treasury yield, which typically moves in step with interest rate expectations, rose to 0.687 percent on Tuesday, its highest level since early March 2020. However, Treasury yields dipped on Friday as concerns about a new COVID-19 variant drove demand for safe-haven assets. U.S. taxable bond funds faced net selling of $1.08 billion compared with inflows of $3.97 billion in the previous week. Municipal bond funds attracted $598 million in net buying, the smallest in four weeks. U.S. short/intermediate …

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Ukraine’s President Claims Russia-Backed Coup Plot Involving Key Ukrainian Oligarch

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told reporters at a Nov. 26 press briefing in Kyiv that his country’s intelligence services have uncovered plans for a Russia-backed coup, prompting the Kremlin to deny the allegations. Zelensky claimed at the briefing that Ukrainian intelligence unearthed evidence of an imminent coup plot planned for Dec. 1 or 2, calling the development “important.” He added that, in addition to the coup threat assessment by Ukrainian intelligence, audio recordings have emerged of an alleged meeting between Russian and Ukrainian officials discussing plans for the coup, which was allegedly to be funded by one of Ukraine’s richest oligarchs, Rinat Akhmetov. “I think they’re trying to set up” Akhmetov, the Ukrainian president said. “I think that this is an operation and they’re trying to drag him into a war against Ukraine,” Zelensky added, with his remarks coming in the context of a Russian military buildup near its border …

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Indiana Educator Who Exposed CRT Banned From School

An Indianapolis Public Schools administrator who leaked student trainings infused with critical race theory (CRT) was banned from school buildings and locked out of his email Wednesday.

“I am currently banned from going to any IPS school building or hosting any professional developments,” Tony Kinnett posted on Twitter Nov. 24, sharing a screenshot of his work email login.

He confirmed that the actions came in response to the Daily Caller News Foundation report, describing warnings he had received from human resources over his “whistleblowing.”

Kinnett provided a video to the DCNF featuring an equity administrator who lectured middle school students about systemic racism permeating all aspects of society, including related to the environment. (RELATED: The Schools That Retaliated Against The Unwoke)

“The environment, oh my, there’s so much racism dealing with just the environment,” Dr. Patricia Payne told students at Butler University Laboratory School 60 in a “Racial Justice Speaker Series” lecture given on Jan. 15.

While the Indianapolis Public Schools have denied that CRT has been taught, Kinnett has released information that calls those denials into question.

“We don’t have the quotes and theories as state standards, per se. We do have Critical Race Theory in how we teach,” Kinnett explained in a video provided to the DCNF earlier this month.

CRT holds that America is fundamentally racist, yet it teaches people to view every social interaction and person in terms of race. Its adherents pursue “antiracism” through the end of merit, objective truth and the adoption of race-based policies.

Kinnett plans further releases, stating he downloaded a number of files and video.

“Looks like @realchrisrufo & I are going to have a ball,” he tweeted.

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